Hydraulic components industry status


Compared with other transmission methods, hydraulic transmission has obvious irreplaceable advantages, such as various components of hydraulic transmission can be flexibly arranged according to needs; It has the characteristics of light weight, small volume, small movement inertia, fast reaction speed, easy control and so on. China's hydraulic transmission started in the 1950s, initially mainly used in grinding machines, broaching machines and other machine tool industry, and then gradually promoted to construction machinery and agricultural machinery and other fields, has initially formed a relatively complete category, has considerable production strength and technical level, beginning to take shape of economic scale of the industrial system. Since entering the 21st century, industrial production, modern agriculture, aerospace, smart medicine and other industries have entered a stage of rapid development, and the market development space of hydraulic components has further expanded, and China has become the world's second largest hydraulic market after the United States. According to the data of the China Hydraulic Pneumatic Seals Industry Association, the total output value of enterprises above the scale of hydraulic components in China in 2022 is about 81.3 billion yuan, and the overall growth trend is stable.